Part 2.2: Carmelo and Fatima Alonso Interview 1a

Episode of: Research skills for oral history

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Feb 7, 20132h 0m
Part 2.2: Carmelo and Fatima Alonso Interview 1a
Feb 7 '132h 0m
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Part 2 of ‘Research skills for oral history’ includes an interview with Darren Paffey talking about ‘Interviewing a married couple’. It also includes the raw, unedited footage of an interview with Carmelo Alonso and his wife, Fatima, conducted by Alicia Pozo-Gutierrez, of the University of Southampton, on 27th March, 2008. It is in Spanish and is 2 hours 5 minutes long. Included is a transcription, synopsis in English and ethnographic notes made by the original researchers. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial License This means that you may download and adapt the work for non-commercial purposes but you must credit the original author. All use and versions of this material should be attributed. Please cite this work as: OpenLIVES project (2012). An open collection of research data and teaching materials relating to Spanish migrant stories. JISC

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