Episode 47: Best of Summer ‘18

Episode of: Reflections of a DJ

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Sep 5, 20181h 42m
Episode 47: Best of Summer ‘18
Sep 5 '181h 42m
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Episode 47: Best of Summer ‘18 DJ Neva starts off the podcast talking about a very special birthday tribute private party he DJ'd during the week for one of the all time legends in pop music, which included a heavy list of celebrity guests and DJs. With Summer 2018 coming to an end, each member of the crew takes time to reflect on the last 3-4 months of music. Which records held down the clubs, which ended up being flops, surprise artists, etc. Categories included (1) Top 5 Club Anthems (2) Top 5 Over-hyped Songs (3) Top 5 Summer Let Downs (4) Top 5 Albums and (5) Personal Favorites. Between the crew there was a general consensus on a few records, while Crooked and Neva both have some unexpected entries on their list. Jaime da Great surprises the crew with a couple of different genres on his list as well. The fellas all agree on where this summer ranks as far as strength of music is concerned.

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