Episode 46: DJ ZIMMIE

Episode of: Reflections of a DJ

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Aug 29, 20182h 26m
Episode 46: DJ ZIMMIE
Aug 29 '182h 26m
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Episode 46: DJ ZIMMIE This week the fellas sit down with @DJZIMMIE ! The episode kicks off with Zimmie sharing his stories from the mid 2000’s and how he used to come check out Crooked’s marathon sets in Las Vegas and also how his friendship began with Neva and Crooked. Zimmie shares stories on how it was growing up in Pittsburgh and how he always felt outta place, and even though living in one of the biggest sports cities in the Country, he was still never a fan of sports. He also explains his current living situation in Portland, Oregon and how the night life and hip hop scene is in the northwest. Then the fellas explore Zimmie’s life as a working tech for the world famous @DJJazzyJeff and how his life has changed since being involved with Jeff. He then also explains his latest experience at @playlistretreat and how crazy it was. Finally, zimmie paints us a visual to his on going current project @soundtrackdjdoc which is microscopic lens into the history of DJs and explained in depth on how far it has come to the present day.

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