Tyrion Lannister + NFL Mock Draft + Captain America + Bat Flips

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Apr 23, 20191h 20m
Tyrion Lannister + NFL Mock Draft + Captain America + Bat Flips
Apr 23 '191h 20m
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The boys are here this week to go very deep on a number of topics per usual starting with a thorough breakdown of Game of Thrones. WSD and Chief are hot about something and here's a hint -  she too is extremely hot. Ed follows with his favorite moments before going into a brief recap of his travels across the state of Illinois last week to document the hidden gems at our state universities. No lunch ladies were hurt during his recording btw. After that, we go into some NFL draft talk with the sad understanding the Bears don't pick til Saturday. Mixed in is some great hockey chatter about the World's and why Patrick Kane is Captain America at some convenient timing. After that Carl and Dave go back and forth on baseball in Chicago because it's that time of the year. Grabbag, beefs and 1 voicemail follow. Thanks to Miller Lite for making it happen. All Gas NO Brakes. 

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