Episode 35.5: Cubs Catcher Taylor Davis

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Oct 17, 201758m
Episode 35.5: Cubs Catcher Taylor Davis
Oct 17 '1758m
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The Cubs' Taylor Davis joins Carl & Dave to talk about the NLCS and his path to the big leagues. Big time Baseball Guy.

Topics include:

  • Taylor becoming an internet sensation
  • How he even ended up with the Cubs in the first place (amazing story)
  • Minor league insights - AA vs. AAA
  • Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • The Cubs are FINE
  • Why is Kyle Hendricks so good?
  • Jon Jay is a professional hitter AND a professional leader
  • Albert Almora is the future. Seriously. 
  • How to beat Clayton Kershaw
  • How to beat the Dodgers
  • Javy Baez intangibles
  • Cubs in 7

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