Bears Lose + Electric Chair Review + AJ Pierzynski

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Jan 8, 20191h 38m
Bears Lose + Electric Chair Review + AJ Pierzynski
Jan 8 '191h 38m
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The Barstool Chicago boys are absolutely devastated after a soul crushing defeat this weekend. No one saw it coming and there's loads of reaction packed into this week's episode. It's hard to pin blame on one player, so they say, but that doesn't stop us from going through each and every person who should be accountable for that devastating loss. At the same time, the boys do every they can to keep it together and stay big picture. This was the best season for Bears fans arguably in 12 years, arguably since 1985 because of how much fun we had along the way. After that, Carl and Dave do some baseball talk as they get ready for their seasons. Dave brings on good friend of the program AJ Pierzynski who basically injects a shot of life into everyone in the room. AJ is the fucking man as evidence by his 26 minutes with the boys this week. After that they do some mild grabbag, obviously voicemails, beefs, big shoulders before closing with the world debut on Red Line Radio of Imma Buy You A Beef. It's a big week even if it sucks. We're happy to be here with you, holding your proverbial hair as you puke your guts out over this defeat. Stay strong Chicago. We got this. 

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