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Dr Oscar Serrallach
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Dr Oscar Serrallach is a Doctor of Functional Medicine with a special interest in postnatal well-being.

Prior to completing his Fellowship in General Practice and Family Medicine in 2010 he was working mainly in emergency medicine. His initial studies in Functional Medicine coincided with starting a family, which naturally let him to consider the science through the particular lens of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period - observing his own partner and many others through his clinical work.

Dr Serrallach was first to recognise something he turned Postnatal Depletion, describing a broader clinical pattern of many women presenting with symptoms after having children. He has since dedicated his work towards researching this condition, and applying the practice of Functional Medicine to help his clients with their recovery - and has written a book titled The Postnatal Depletion Cure.

Join me as I ask Dr Oscar:
* What functional or integrated medicine is and what processes it involves
* Why don’t more doctors specialise in this field?
* How he quantifies success in holistic medicine.
* How much can diet change someone’s integrated wellness?
* Who needs to read The Postnatal Depletion Cure?
* What signs of postnatal depletion to look for, and how to get back to a place of health for mother and child.
* His ingredients for a great recipe for life!

You’ll also hear:
* The importance of purpose in wellness
* His successes with functional medical treatments
* The importance of what we eat, and how we eat
* The importance different cultures place on a mother’s deep restoration after giving birth
* Engaging dads in restoring mums’ health

A few things Dr Oscar said that I loved were:
“That's lab tested, on paper, can't-be-denied types of data and I see that all the time in terms of things that technically can't be reversed, or shouldn't improve, improving.”
“Our main source of interaction with the environment is through the intestine.”
“Motherhood is not really that well regarded, supported, acknowledged and thought about an our society - I hear so many mothers say ‘I’m just a mum.’”

Dr Serrallach lives near Byron Bay Australia with his partner and their three children, and runs The Health Lodge. The Postnatal Depletion Cure is his first book.

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