Episode 20: TV, Mysteries, Military & Psychics with Sip & Shine Podcast
Nov 1 '1752m
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Today, Carrie from the Sip & Shine Podcast joins me to celebrate the week of Halloween & All Souls Day. We share our theories on Maura Murray, Jon Benet Ramsey, as well as talk about our love of reality TV. Carrie is using her military background to gather intel on the Sister Wives too (shhhh)! We also dive into the Army’s Psychic Stargate Program and our beliefs in mediums and the paranormal. Find Carrie at: www.facebook.com/sipandshinepodcastwww.instagram.com/sipandshinepodcastwww.twitter.com/sipandshinepod Join me on: Patreon Bonus Episodes! www.patreon.com/realitv FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/114353442610036/IG

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