This is a show to help real life runners to improve their running and their life, through conversations about training, nutrition, health and wellness, family, and all the crazy things that life throws at us. We want to live the best life we can and to help others do the same. In each episode, we will tackle topics that will make us better runners, better parents, better friends, better partners, and better people. The lessons that we learn from running can carry over into all aspects of our life, and we are here to explore those connections through current research, our experiences, and stories from real people out on the roads and trails, just like you. We are Kevin and Angie Brown, husband and wife, mom and dad, coaches, and runners. Kevin is a marathoner who has been coaching runners for over a decade. Angie holds her doctorate degree in physical therapy and uses running as part of her integrated fitness routine. Together, we want to help make running more accessible to more people, so that more people can gain the benefits of being a real life runner.
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