Charity Woods - Active Real Estate Investor Since 1999

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Apr 12, 201716m
Charity Woods - Active Real Estate Investor Since 1999
Apr 12 '1716m
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In this episode Charity Woods discusses how she helps new investors achieve their maximum potential through one on one coaching and mentoring. She has been an active real estate investor since 1999 and is currently a partner or owner of four real estate investment firms in VA. Charity is the author of That Flipping Book, an all-inclusive book on investing in all niches of real estate, her book is currently in production and should be available to the public soon. Charity is still active in real estate investing with five flips in progress as we speak and an expansive portfolio of held property. To learn more about Charity visit: You may also contact her at: Phone:804-446-6660. Mentorship Site Blog: Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr: Vine: Real Estate Insiders Radio

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