Apr 4 '18
Rating:   6
Real Christian Manliness

Not much on topic with the title. Interviews are pretty Generic. I expected more manly topics: fighting sin in ourselves, our wives and our children, armor of God and of Light, courage, men’s groups, battle buddies. Maybe an occasional secular topic like hunting, weapons, beards...etc. - take cues from The Art of Manliness.

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Isaac I.
Jul 31 '17
Rating:   10
I've enjoyed starting my first podcast!

This is Isaac, co-host of the Real Christian Manliness Podcast. I have thoroughly enjoyed starting and recording this podcast. I get to hang out with my brother from across the country every week and we get to interview some interesting people.We hope that this show is an encouragement to all the men out there who are trying to do the right thing by their God, family, and community!See you on the podcast!

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