When Novelists Eden Baylee + Bill Kirton Collaborate = Wow!

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Nov 19, 20181h 1m
When Novelists Eden Baylee + Bill Kirton Collaborate = Wow!
Nov 19 '181h 1m
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Prolific novelists Eden Baylee and Bill Kirton have collaborated on writing stories for RB Wood’s monthly Word Count Podcast. Bill says, "Fictional characters seem to act autonomously and those in my books often surprise me by seeming to take directions which have nothing to do with me. Those in my collaborations with Eden behave in the same way, but with the added twist that…when Eden sends back her version of how the story and that character develops and progresses, he/she may have become a relative stranger to me." Eden Baylee left a 20-year banking career to become a full-time author of multiple genres, including three collections of erotic novellas and flash fiction: Spring Into Summer, Fall Into Winter, and Hot Flash. Eden launched herpsychological mystery/suspense Stranger Trilogy with Stranger at Sunset featuring Dr. Kate Hampton in 2014. Eden's Lainey Lee series is about a feisty divorcée who finds adventure and romance in Hawaii. edenbaylee.com Bill Kirton, born in England "a long time ago", has written stage and radio plays, songs and sketches for revues, flash fiction, short stories, novels, stories for children and books to help students write academic essays and dissertations. He has been a university lecturer, actor, director, TV presenter, visiting professor and artist at the University of Rhode Island, and a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow. His Jack Carston Mystery series includes Material Evidence, Rough Justice and The Darkness. billkirton.com

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