Apr 4, 201749m
Apr 4 '1749m
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Anxiety is something both Molly and I have been dealing with for quite some time now. Molly struggles with health anxiety while I struggle more with social anxiety. Both can be crippling at times. We decided to split the podcast into two so that we could address both forms. Throughout part one, I discuss how my anxiety started and how it affects me to this very day. We discuss the idea of "high functioning anxiety" and what that can look like because to the naked eye you would never be able to detect it. Those of us who suffer often do so in silence. For me personally, I didn't even know I had a problem. I didn't realize at the time that our thoughts lie to us. I didn't realize that we are not our thoughts, and I did not realize that I could get better. I have found that only when I was able to call my problem out was I able to address it and get the help I needed. Quieting an active mind takes so much work, but it is work that is both necessary and freeing.

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