EP19 ⏤ How to Cop Your First Crib

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Apr 24, 20191h 21m
EP19 ⏤ How to Cop Your First Crib
Apr 241h 21m
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We specifically uploaded Random Order episode 19 for the haters out there who thought we weren't gonna drop episode 19. Our fellow Fletcher's Meadow Arrow, Jonathan McKay (@JayMcKay3) stopped by to drop some knowledge about real estate: how to buy, invest in or sell property of your own. We also talk mayo + ketchup fries, selling whips and blowing backs out. ★ Don't forget to rate and review Random Order on iTunes. ★ More Random Order YouTube • goo.gl/4aJ6R4 Instagram • goo.gl/qv3Fyz New episodes Mondays around 12PMish ET Instagram.com/RandomOrderShow Instagram.com/JaeRichards Instagram.com/TreyRichards Instagram.com/Sabastianxx Instagram.com/JayMckay3

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