LGBT fundraiser launched to rival Israel Folau's legal cause

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Jun 23, 20197m
LGBT fundraiser launched to rival Israel Folau's legal cause
Jun 237m
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Sacked Australian rugby star Israel Folau has taken to social media to thank people who so far have donated more than $250,000 to fund his legal fight over his dismissal. He says he's suffering discrimination because of his religious beliefs. Folau was dumped from his $4 million contract after posting comments on Instagram saying homosexuals were 'destined for Hell' if they didn't repent. Former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons says Folau has lost even more support in Australia by launching the campaign for donations. Folau's wife, netballer Maria Folau, is drawing condemnation after sharing his comments on her social media pages. Netball Australia says it has no problem with that but the former Australian captain Liz Ellis says the organisation is effectively endorsing Israel Folau's views. She says there's no room for homophobia in netball. Meanwhile a rugby fan has launched a campaign aiming to raise more funds than Israel Folau for an LGBT rights charity. Robbie Owen runs the Squidge Rugby channel on YouTube and has started the rival GoFund Me campaign. He tells Corin Dann he's delighted with all the money that has been donated so far.

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