Jul 14, 201823m | se4 : e9
Quickly Kevin - World Cup Special: EP09 (Defenders)
Jul 14 '1823m | se4e9
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Quickly Kevin - World Cup Special: EP09 (Defenders)

PLEASE NOTE: There are some technical issues on Chris' mic towards the end of this episode - apologies for the poorer sound quality than usual.

We're building our dream, bespoke Quickly Kevin World Cup from all the component parts of World Cup's from the 90's. Like a Frankenstein's monster nobody asked for. So join us as we look at broadcaster theme songs, favourite players, best mascots, posters, merchandise, kits, and so much more. And yes, we will be discussing in far too much detail which 90's World Cup had the best nets.

Each episode we'll each offer up our choices based on a particular theme, and it's up to you, dear listeners, to jump on the social media band wagon and help us decide. At the end of the tournament we'll reveal the final dream bespoke World Cup and give away some great 90's World Cup prizes to a lucky chosen few who contributed as well. So get on twitter, instagram and Facebook and get voting!!

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Chris, Josh and Michael.

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