TheThirdManIn~Radio "Hear Dustin Brown A-Comin'"

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Oct 27, 20101h 30m
TheThirdManIn~Radio "Hear Dustin Brown A-Comin'"
Oct 27 '101h 30m
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Guest Mayor of - Chris Block hosts - Join us as we preview Wednesday night's premiere matchup between Western Conference favorites, Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings. We'll also discuss Chicago's recent losses to St. Louis and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Try to explain what's ailing the Hawks. Superstar will give his review of Bob Probert's auto-biography Tough Guy: Life On the Edge. And Chris Block was in Rockford Saturday night and has a first-hand account of several Blackhawks prospects he'll share. Also, we discuss two former great television shows that have recently fallen off a cliff. All this, and a whole lot more on this week's TTMI~Radio.

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