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Feb 23, 20101h 30m
The Third Man In ~ Radio ~ "Low-Def Radio"
Feb 23 '101h 30m
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Monday February 22nd @ 8pm central time. - Chris Block hosts - Chicago Blackhawks and Olympic hockey talk - Chris Block and co-host, the Superstar, discuss Team USA's 5-3 upset, as some might say, victory over Canada in Vancouver on Sunday. As well as the entire hockey tournament thus far, in addition to the argument over the NHL's questionable continued participation in the Winter Olympics, specifically in the upcoming 2014 Sochi (Russia) Games. Also, a look ahead to the NHL trade deadline, which is exactly nine days away. Which Blackhawk(s) are likely to be dealt and what the Hawks biggest needs are. All that and so much more in our weekly edition of TTMI~Radio. Looking ahead, next week's show will also go live on Monday (March 1st) as the Hawks will be playing both Tuesday and Wednesday after the Olympic break.

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