100. Celebrating 100 Episodes of Psychologists off the Clock with Debbie, Diana, and Yael!
Aug 1651m
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We are proud and grateful that we’ve made it to our 100th episode! Take a listen as Debbie, Diana, and Yael share behind-the-scenes bloopers, episode clips, and how Psychologists Off The Clock has changed our lives.

The podcast has been a labor of love for all of us. On the journey to our 100th episode, we co-hosts have learned a lot about the art of podcasting, and about new strategies and science within the field of psychology. We have welcomed renowned psychologists and writers, explored a variety of important topics, and shared personal and professional practices that we use to flourish. Join us in celebrating and reflecting on lessons learned in our first 100 episodes!

Listen to hear Debbie, Diana, and Yael discuss:

‧ How and why we started the podcast.

‧ What happens behind the scenes (loud children, technical glitches, and guests we admire to the point of verbal paralysis).

‧ Which episodes we use most in our own daily lives, and which episodes we have recommended to our clients and friends.


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