Season 1, Episode 3- All about fats

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Dec 1, 201819m
Season 1, Episode 3- All about fats
Dec 1 '1819m
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Signs you need to eat more fat:  Sugar cravingsNeed snacksYour vegetables don't taste goodHungry all the timeHigh blood sugarStruggling to get into ketosis  Good Fats:  Coconut oilCoconut butterCocoa butterPasture butter (100% grassfed) Ghee (100% grassfed)Olive Oil (no heat)Avocado oil (no heat)Palm oilLard from pastured pigsBacon fat from pastured pigsChicken fat from pastured chickensTallow from 100% grassfed beef or lambAvocadoOlives  Look for Organic, Raw, Non-GMO, Unflavored, Dark glass containers. Never allow your oils to smoke or splatter while cooking. Bad Fats Corn oilCottonseed oilSoybean oilSafflower oilRapeseed oilGrapeseed oilVegetable oilHydrogenated oilsPartially-hydrogenated oilsTrans fatsCanola oilShorteningMargarineRoasted nuts Find these fats in chips, crackers,cookies, baked goods, peanutbutter, mayonnaise, baby formula,fast food, restaurant food, friedfood, conventionally raised meat,salad dressings, prepared foods. Ways to eat more fat: Make shakes with coconut milk, avocados, and MCT oil. Cook your veggies in butter, ghee, coconut oil, palm oil, or animal fat. Drizzle olive oil or avocado oil on your veggies after they are cooked. Use enough oil that your veggies taste really good to you! Don't skimp. Add olives or avocado to mealsMake fat bombs Get 15% off Keto Mojo here:

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