Molly Fletcher | Creating Clarity to Be Your Best Self

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Oct 14, 201834m
Molly Fletcher | Creating Clarity to Be Your Best Self
Oct 14 '1834m
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In this episode of Positive University, Jon Gordon and Molly Fletcher talk creating clarity to be your best self.


A few quotes from this interview:

What do the best do differently to rise to the top and how do they stay there?

Learning how to fail and recover from failure is imperative for long-term success.

Don't fight change. Be willing to evolve. Seek to get better every day.

Negotiation isn't just about dollars and dominating. It's about connection, relationships and authenticity.

You have to get clear on what matters most to you.

You have to define success within the framework of what matters most to you.

After you are clear on what matters most, then you need to have the discipline to execute within the framework of your clarity.

Ask yourself... How do I show up as my best self in all my roles?


Molly Fletcher is a female motivational speaker, keynote speaker and former sports agent determined to inspire game changers and inspire positive change.

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