Kelli Masters | From Fear Driven to Purpose Driven

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Sep 30, 201841m
Kelli Masters | From Fear Driven to Purpose Driven
Sep 30 '1841m
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Bestselling author Jon Gordon talks with sports agent Kelli Masters. Kelli shares her journey of going from fear driven to purpose driven (and how you can do the same).

A few quoteables from this interview:

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you are not enough.

Focus on what makes you different because that's what makes you great.

People ask me how I've grown my business, the answer is one relationship at a time.

Under promise and over deliver.

Be honest. Tell people the truth, especially when you don't know the answer.

Social networking isn't just about LinkedIn or Facebook... it's about developing real relationships with others.

You must have a picture of where you are going to help keep you stay anchored during tough times.

Your team doesn't have to all think alike but they must have a shared vision and purpose.

Fear is best overcome through action. You usually have to step out before the courage comes.

Speak life. Encourage others every chance you can.


Kelli Masters is widely recognized as one of the most influential women in sports business. She has represented more professional athletes than any woman in the industry, having served as agent/contract adviser to players in every NFL draft since 2006 as well as numerous players in the MLB draft. In 2010, she made history as the first woman to represent a first round pick in the NFL Draft. As her reputation for outstanding work continues to grow and inspire countless others, she has further expanded the reach of KMM Sports to other athletes and celebrities.

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