Citizen Kane (9/1/41) - w/ Orson Welles & our producer Valerie!

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Jun 2, 201442m
Citizen Kane (9/1/41) - w/ Orson Welles & our producer Valerie!
Jun 2 '1442m
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It's September 1st 1941 and we saw CITIZEN KANE today! Join hosts Tim Pilleri and Michael O'Haver as we review Citizen Kane and tackle current events. We have Charlie Kane himself, George Orson Welles in studio! And Valerie sits in because Tim and Mike aren't on speaking terms. Show producer Valerie has to translate between the angry Tim and Mike. Why are they so mad at each other? And we cause a lot of unnecessary panic when we play a clip from our Boys Town episode from back in 1938. Eric Patton plays Orson Welles, Kristen Ortiz plays Valerie, and David Flajnik plays the callers. Follow us on Twitter at,,, and guest Kristen Ortiz Thanks for listening! Please subscribe to the show! iTunes: Stitcher: Podomatic: YouTube:

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