The Matchup: Previewing Maryland and Nebraska

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Jan 10, 201936m
The Matchup: Previewing Maryland and Nebraska
Jan 1036m
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Editor’s note: Throughout the 2018-19 season, Seth Tow and Ben Ladner will host “The Matchup,” a podcast previewing Indiana’s upcoming games. The episodes will be available on the Podcast on the Brink feed. In this edition of The Matchup, Seth and Ben preview Indiana’s upcoming matchups against Maryland and Nebraska. Topics discussed include: • Why Indiana’s bench has been lacking production • How Maryland will defend Romeo Langford • Why Jalen Smith and Bruno Fernando impose a big challenge for IU • How Indiana might avoid another slow start • Why the IU-Nebraska game could turn into a track meet on the scoreboard • Why James Palmer Jr. commands so much defensive attention and how that benefits other Nebraska players

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