Just how does Paris change everything?

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Nov 17, 201537m
Just how does Paris change everything?
Nov 17 '1537m
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Mark Leibovich, Annie Lowrey, and Alex Wagner discuss the ways in which the recent attacks in Paris could impact the presidential race for both parties. They also wonder what Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination would actually mean. This episode of Podcast for America is brought to you by CardsDirect.com. With over 5,000 cards to choose from, you can design the perfect holiday cards with CardsDirect.com. The holidays are just a few weeks away, so create your cards today, plus save 25% off at checkout when you visit CardsDirect.com/america. Podcast for America is also brought to you by MileIQ, the only mileage tracker app that detects, logs and calculates your miles for you, ensuring that every mile is accounted for and no dollar is lost. Try MileIQ for free today by texting AMERICA to 31996. That’s AMERICA to 31996. And also by Spotless, a sexy and bold drama laced with dark humor from Esquire Network. Learn more about Spotless by downloading ‘Coming Clean’ a roundtable podcast that goes behind the scenes of TV’s best dark dramas, and tune into Spotless, Saturdays at 10/9c on Esquire Network.

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