POP Ep.67: Do the Math (Voicemail line: 713-893-8069)

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Feb 4, 20081h 17m
POP Ep.67: Do the Math (Voicemail line: 713-893-8069)
Feb 4 '081h 17m
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Step back in time nearly 15 years to a time when, if you believed the hype, the number of bits your system had mattered. And for Atari, it was the only card they had to play against industry bigwigs Sega, Sony and Nintendo. Certainly the software wasn't doing the talking... The worst "major" video game console ever made? We think so.

Also this week: Rez HD, PixelJunk Monsters, Burnout Paradise (PS3), One Piece Unlimited Adventure and Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.

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This week's links:
YouTube: Atari Jaguar 1994 Promotional Tape (Part 1/5)
YouTube: Tempest 2000 footage
YouTube: Cybermorph footage
Atari Jaguar...dental camera? (PDF)

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