POP Ep.48: Waiting for Master Chief (Voicemail line: 713-893-8069)

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Sep 23, 20071h 7m
POP Ep.48: Waiting for Master Chief (Voicemail line: 713-893-8069)
Sep 23 '071h 7m
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Don't worry, there are no Halo 3 spoilers in this episode (in case you were wondering). Actually there's barely any Halo talk in this episode at all. In the run-up to Tuesday's mega-launch of the most anticipated game of the year, we spend this episode talking about other, less Master Chief-y games, go over some Tokyo Game Show news, and Dan gives one listener a verbal thrashing...over Halo.

BTW, we're going to do another Player One Podcast Game Night this Friday, September 28. If you've been unable to find decent, non-griefing people to play with this could be your chance. Click here to go to our forums, register, and you'll see a thread about the Game Night in our Online Gaming area.

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This week's links:
Persona 3
Blue Dragon
Bomberman Live
Viva Pinata Party Animals
PixelJunk Racers
Joystiq: Grade-grubbing Gamestop manager gets suspended
Future US doing Nintendo Power magazine
Smash Bros. Brawl has online play
Bloomberg: Sega Sammy Says Sonic and Mario Game Sales May Reach 4 Million
GamesIndustry.biz: Thompson: Home delay is "disappointing"
Gametrailers: Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer
Joystiq: Hands-on with NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

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