BONUS: Scoopfest '18 + Aftershow

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Oct 19, 20181h 30m
BONUS: Scoopfest '18 + Aftershow
Oct 19 '181h 30m
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Please enjoy this bonus episode containing the show we did at Scoopfest '18 and the Aftershow of episode 623 recorded in Las Vegas with guest Paul Mattingly. Check out and Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social and thanks to Matt, Paul and Jacob for having us at Scoopfest. Thanks to the Scoops for being such great people! And thank you, listeners, for supporting the show. If you like the Aftershow game we did with Paul, we do games like that every week in our Aftershows and you can get access to that feed by becoming a $5/month Patreon at Video of the Scoopfest show is at Thanks!

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