01/01/07 - Episode 10

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Jan 1, 20071h 30m
01/01/07 - Episode 10
Jan 1 '071h 30m
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Player One's Shiny New Year

Happy New Year everyone! While other podcasts have settled in for a long winter's nap, we hopped in the studio yet again for one more episode before all the Auld Lang Synes were sung.

In this episode, Phil and Dan become "series regulars," and join Greg and CJ to talk about such things as what we'd like to see happen in 2007 (though we tried to avoid predictions outright, we stray into that territory too). Here's a trend for '07--most of the discussion in this episode seemed to revolve around downloadable content. We like it, we hate it, we'd like to see Microsoft step in and referee, we'd like Nintendo and Sony to do more of it. But fear not, that's not all we talk about.

Next up we talk about our Gaming Origins. You know, the story everyone has of how they got into gaming. We go from oldest to youngest and recount tales of Atari 2600s, NESes and Super NESes, calling around a snowfilled province to find the one remaining system and the games that cemented our undying love of gaming. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you probably have an "origin" story of your own. Please feel free to share it in the comments here.

As a bonus, we also get into the story behind why we rib CJ so much about that Bubsy 3D thing and talk about other quotes of ours that've been immortalized on boxes and in ads.

But of course first up we talk about what we've been playing. In this episode that's games like Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS), Gears of War (360), Viva Pinata (360), Gran Turismo HD (PS3), Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii), Pokémon Ruby and more.

As always, drop us a comment on the blog page or send us an e-mail comment to playeronepodcast@gmail.com.

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