Fact-checking Klinsmann & Feilhaber

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Jan 22, 201658m
Fact-checking Klinsmann & Feilhaber
Jan 22 '1658m
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The winter transfer window in Europe is beginning to shut, and there are a number of factors in play that will determine which big names, if any, change addresses ahead of the stretch run. SI.com's Ben Lyttleton joins the Planet Fútbol Podcast to explain all the intricate reasons why players may be staying put (hint: few big names risk moving ahead of a major tournament like the Euros), which big names will actually move and how the transfer bans against Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid could complicate matters as well. But how do teams identify the players they want to go after? For that, we bring in analytics expert Daniel Altman, who speaks with SI's Grant Wahl about the not-so-obvious things teams and talent scouts may look for in a player. Finally, we conclude with the biggest stories in U.S. Soccer: Jordan Morris choosing Seattle over Werder Bremen and the Benny Feilhaber-Jurgen Klinsmann war of words. With Morris in the fold, does Seattle have the best NBA Jam-style (three-man team) attacking trio in MLS? Do Feilhaber and Klinsmann both have points?

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