Julien Ferment's My House Classics Vol.5
May 14 '110m
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Julien Ferment - My House Classics Vol.5

The "My House Classics" journey continues with this volume 5. No surprises, David Morales, Eric Kupper, MAW and more are present. Some tracks will be unknown for some of you but with the help of Discogs.com, you will be able to get a hand on these rarities easily. To help you, I added all the remixes names so you wont make a mistake during your shopping :)
Dont forget that many records are still only available as vinyls (no mp3)...

La vie est belle !


Julien Ferment

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1- Sounds Of Blackness - I Believe (David Morales Delivrance Dub & Tribal Mix)
> Discover the hard to find David Morales' Tribal Mix, a very dark remix of this gospel classic!

2- Patra - Worker Man (Satoshi Tomiie Rough & Raw Mix)
> Satoshi Tomiie made a lot of remixes of Worker Man but this one is only available on a rare and special promo edition (there were different promo editions of this track!).

3- The Beloved - Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Johnny Vicious Go! Mix)
> Promo madness once again. This remix is only available on one pressing. Johnny Vicious delivers a deep and tribal remix, played by David Morales at Tunnel.

4- Armand Van Helden Pres. Circle Children - Zulu (Change Mix & Ndako Gboya Mix)
> Circle Children is one the numerous nicknames of Armand Van Helden. Zulu is his second release on Strictly Children with this nick. A classic thanks to its incredible rhythm, its vocals and its keys.

5- Masters At Work Feat. Jocelyn Brown - Cant Stop The Rhythm In The Street (M.K. Mix)
> Only available on a underground best of Cutting Records mixed by Danny Morales and especially made for this comp', this remix made by the incredible Mark Kinchen (the remixer of Nightcrawlers' Push The Feeling On) is so original and different from the original mix! Love it!

6- Danny Tenaglia Pres. The Look Featuring Franklin Fuentes - March (Rave Tipstrumental)
> We are talking about nicknames... The Look is one of the nicks of Danny Tenaglia (he also produced the classic Glammer Girl that is present later on this mix). Weird deep track, it's worth a listening!

7- Pet Shop Boys - Can You Forgive Her (M.K. Dub)
> MK once again. Only him can do a pumping and happy house remix of a pop song. Quite unknown but I am sure you will like it...

8- Mood II Swing Feat. Carol Sylvan - Closer (King Street Moody Club)
> Top classic of Mood II Swing. Played by the biggest house dj's like MAW, this track is part of the King Street history.

9- Sima - Give You Myself (MAXX Suite Version)
> 90's italo house classic thanks to the so beautiful remix of Massimino Lippoli aka Maxx. I discovered the radio edit of this remix on a french house comp from the 90's I bought for the Neneh Cherry's Buddy X by the Masters At Work. Now enjoy the original extended remix!

10- Tuff Production Feat. Destry - (I Wanna) Thank You (Sensory Productions Remix)
> If you wanna talk about rare tracks, this record is the perfect example. This Azuli's release has never been released officially. Only 400 copies has been pressed. And a after long investigation, I finally found the name of the remixer : Sensory Production, who made many productions and remixes for Azuli.

11- Danny Tenaglia Pres. The Look - Glammer Girl (Probably A Dub & Bochinche Prelude Ballroom Mix Moog Reprise)
> All time house classic. Glammer Girl is one of the best productions of Danny Tenaglia with its original parts (keys, moog, strings...). For info, there are also Murk remixes available on the 12".

12- Big Light - Trouble Is (Mousse T Trouble In New York Mix)
> Early Mousse T remix. A all time happy house classic! Mousse T proposes a very original remix of an excellent pop song thanks to a huge organ gimmick.

13- RuPaul - A Shade Shady (Now Prance) (Eric Kupper 12" Version)
> Golden hours of the Drag Queens movement. Superstar RuPaul joins forces with Eric Kupper for his best release (IMO).

14- Ralphi Rosario - Bardot Fever
> Drag Queens once again. Ralphi Rosario calls Byrd Bardot for a featuring on this happy house track.

15- The K London Possse Pres. Maydie Myles - Come Alive (Club Version & Zack Toms Humdrum Version)
> The rare K London Posse shoots again with its incredible sound and the huge voice of Maydie Myles. 2 remixes featured here : Club Version and Zach Toms remix as David Morales did at Tunnel a night in the early 90's.

16- Gerideau - Take A Stand For Love (Camacho & Shorty)
> Present on the first edition of this record, the Camacho and Shorty mix is quite unknown compared to the Blaze mix but I think it's worth to be discovered !

17- Interaction - Show Em How We Do It (Tommy Musto How We Club It Mix)
> So many pressings of this classic are available. But check the few ones that propose this Musto's brillant mix. Garage house at its top.

18- Lee Genesis - Ya Can't Separate Me (I'm Determined) (Tommy Musto T.S.O.P. Mix)
> Same year, same producer, same sound but I love it. Tommy Musto asks 80's singer Lee Genesis to feature on a house release and... it's sooooo good. Another garage classic for sure, played on many 90's dj's compilations.

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