600 People Picket Your Business...Learn How to Win! | Jeremy Porter CEO of AMP | Episode #45

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Jun 22, 201627m
600 People Picket Your Business...Learn How to Win! | Jeremy Porter CEO of AMP | Episode #45
Jun 22 '1627m
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Jeremy Porter is the leading protagonist in Atlanta Motorsports Park’s incredible story.

A business pioneer with a loathing for the word ‘no’, Jeremy’s vision of building a ground-breaking, eco-sustainable track featuring some of the most exciting elevation changes in the world first took shape in early 2008. Just three years later, when the park opened its doors in 2012, it already had a membership base of almost 100.

Today, Atlanta Motorsports Park is home to 449 members and was recently voted one of the Top Ten Race Tracks in North America by ‘Road and Track’ Magazine. Its Formula One designed main circuit plays host to some of the USA’s leading car manufacturers and racing teams, while its innovative kart track attracts enthusiasts and racers from all over the world.

Formerly a partner at WMI – recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America – Jeremy specialized in business strategy, organizational development and human capital. Prior to WMI, Jeremy spent five and a half years as Vice President of Operations for The Corban Group (TCG).

Atlanta Motorsports Park Features:

-Most radical elevation changes of any kart track in the world.

-Track was designed by the Famed F1 Track Designer Hermann Tilke, one of two in America and the only country club non-F1 race track in the world

-AMP was ranked top ten tracks in North America including Canada and Latin America.
The track consists of 16 turns and 98 feet of elevation changes throughout the course. Two famous corners have also been incorporated into the track: Spa-Francorchamp’s corner of Eau Rouge and the famous Carousel corner from Germany’s Nürburgring track.

Jeremy is currently working on:

-35 modern houses at the track

-40 garage condos

-An advanced off road course for film, TV, and public use

-Teen Driving Program

-Kart Driving school for kids ages 5 and up with their dads and moms

-Rides to Remember, Children's Heath Care of Atlanta

-New Name Ministries


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