Paula Today [#002] Prayer and Mantles with Pushie Watson

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Jan 30, 202044m
Paula Today [#002] Prayer and Mantles with Pushie Watson
Jan 3044m
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You have a great purpose in this life. I'm talking to you. That's right. You see God chose you created you handcrafted, you formed you with his intention, his decision, his choice. But because you have a purpose doesn't mean you're necessarily fulfilling it. How do I walk out my purpose, my destiny? Well, big part of that is that God is going to release a mantle to you say what do you mean a mantle, like is there this coat coming down for heaven, or did for Elijah and Elijah, but what it is, is it's an impartation that God uses people in your life to bring forth to develop Up to impart to you the anointing, and what all is needed, that furnishes you to fulfill that call that destiny and that purpose.

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