Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach

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Aug 11, 20171h 15m
Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach
Aug 11 '171h 15m
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Preseason Football has the guys feeling GOOD (2:17 - 3:31). Roger Goodell goes to Foxboro, Mitch Trubisky is the real deal and Joe Flacco needs to find a way to stay in the Elite conversation (3:31 - 8:03). Zach Randolph got arrested and Kyrie Irving isn't talking to anyone (8:03 - 14:11). Mt Rushmore of fears from Billy Football and Mt Rushmore of Life Lessons from PFT, Hank, and Big Cat (14:11 - 25:29). Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach joins the show to talk football, the sun, pirates, and suing the state of Texas (25:29 - 58:45). Segments include Michael Rapaport's ASPCA Corner for the Cardinals stupid rally kitten. Tim Tebow Update, Hurt or Injured Coach K, Thoughts and Prayers for Michael Vick's lack of sex and Higher Education.

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