Uncle Chaps, Mike Portnoy & Pat McAfee

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Apr 14, 20171h 4m
Uncle Chaps, Mike Portnoy & Pat McAfee
Apr 14 '171h 4m
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NHL playoffs have finally arrived and Canada is already down big (2:44 - 8:12). Emergency football guy of the weeks and Uncle Chaps joins the show to roast the guys (8:12 - 22:32). The people's lawyer Mike Portnoy hops on for Portnoy's complaints and Mrs Portnoy gives us complaints about Mr Portnoy (22:32 - 35:11). Segments include shoe roast for the new Lions jerseys, people forget that, trouble in PFT's paradise, just chill out for Coach K, and Jimbos of the week with Pat Mcafee.

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