Tito Ortiz And Lenny Dykstra

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Jan 13, 20171h 17m
Tito Ortiz And Lenny Dykstra
Jan 13 '171h 17m
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Los Angeles is back on the map with the Chargers moving and the Rams hiring a 30 year old coach (2:59 - 10:04). NFL Divisional Round Matchup preview (10:04 - 25:29). Power Rankings of the all time best piss guys (25:29 - 29:24). The long awaited Lenny Dykstra interview is finally here and it's our worst one yet (29:24 - 36:37). MMA Fighter joins the show to talk about his big fight against Chael Sonnen and his time on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump (36:37 - 47:17). Segments include Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules, Grumors, new segment "The Good Old Days", Is He Dead Yet, That's Enough Internet For Today and Jimbos Of The Week

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