Roger Bennett + We're Live From The US Open

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Jun 15, 20181h 18m
Roger Bennett + We're Live From The US Open
Jun 15 '181h 18m
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We are live from Shinnecock Hills and the US Open. Thoughts on watching Tiger, Big Cat getting Alpha'd by Rick Reilly in the media tent and how we're rooting for the course more than any player in the Field (2:20 - 21:36). Men In Blazers Roger Bennett joins the show to talk World Cup, America's love of soccer the sport of the future, and who's going to win in Russia 2018 (21:26 - 59:26). Segments include Problematic for Stephen A Smith eating ass, the debut of the new segment "Ass in the Jackpot", Talking Soccer, Cease and Desist for the deaf Russian cat that is picking world cup games, and a new friday segment "Old Lebron to Young Lebron" where we give our younger selves life advice

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