Rickie Fowler And Smylie Kaufman

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Jan 10, 20171h 17m
Rickie Fowler And Smylie Kaufman
Jan 10 '171h 17m
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National Championship recap, what's next for Nick Saban (2:59 - 12:20). Bachelor Recap by guys that don't watch the Bachelor (12:20 - 15:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (15:53 - 22:14). PGA Tour Golfers Smylie Kaufman and Rickie Fowler join the show to talk about golf ettiequte, spring break, is Tiger back, and who they hate the most on tour (22:14 - 49:17). Segments include PR 101 for Derrick Rose, Stay Classy, Connect the Dots David Ortiz, As A White Guy, Put on in his earhole, and that's enough internet for today.

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