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May 24, 20171h 16m
Jim Harbaugh
May 24 '171h 16m
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Grit Week continues and the guys are live in Cleveland for Cavs/Celtics Game 4 aka the Kyrie 3rd Quarter Game (1:56 - 10:34). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (10:34 - 20:29). Grit Week update. Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh joins the show to talk about Football, milk drinking, meeting the pope, how he dreams about playing Football, and what Grit means to him (20:29 - 60:54). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Mike Zimmer, Fair Play for Mike & Mike not speaking, Bachelor update for guys that don't watch the Bachelor, Protect the Shield Goodell lets players celebrate, Explain It To Hank, we bought him a Tamagotchi pet that he now has to keep alive.

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