Comedian Jimmy Carr + Odell Beckham Traded

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Mar 13, 20191h 34m
Comedian Jimmy Carr + Odell Beckham Traded
Mar 131h 34m
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Odell Beckham traded to the Browns, we taped an emergency segment at the start of the show (2:50 - 8:30). NFL Free Agency recap (8:30 - 17:49). NCAA scandal and breaking news rich people are paying for their rich kids to get into college (17:49 - 26:39) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne (26:29 - 38:50). Comedian Jimmy Carr joins the show to talk about the history of comedy, his new netflix special, and being British (38:50 - 69:49). Segments include "How horny is Stephen A Smith?", Locker Room Talk for Russ Westbrook, bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, PR 101 for Conor McGregor, and Guys on Chicks. 

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