Ep 96: Sustainable Gaming (Tero Kanko)

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Oct 19, 20181h 16m
Ep 96: Sustainable Gaming (Tero Kanko)
Oct 19 '181h 16m
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This week I talk to Tero Kanko in another sustainable gaming podcast. This is the last of 2, I will shut up about it after this. But if you remember from episode 95 the idea of sustainability, something that we can do for a long time is something that really interests me. I see a lot of people across a great many hobbies that spend a lot of money to buy into it but then never seem to get any value out of it in terms of hours spent, but I digress. It was great not only talking to Tero about his own personal history but it was also great hearing about his personal history and also how he found Paint All The Minis. Dont forget to check out paintalltheminis.com for a whole raft of other content such as bat reps, unboxings, paint tutorials etc. Plus also come and show us what you are painting on the Paint All The Minis Facebook group, or just lurk about and see what others are painting. Remember no one will judge you negatively for your work, we just want to share in your hobby and celebrate you getting your brushes out.

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