Ep 125: Joe Krone (Watchful I Studio)

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Apr 12, 20191h 12m
Ep 125: Joe Krone (Watchful I Studio)
Apr 12 '191h 12m
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This week I talk to Joe Krone of Watchful I Studios. Joe has created a range of asian mythological minis for use in a number of game systems. From terracotta warriors to foo dogs and headless giants with faces in their chests Joe has gone to town with some interesting sculpts and models. As you hopefully know with Paint All The Minis it is not just about products people have created it is the story of the person behind and the build up to what they create and it was great talking to Joe and hearing about the inspirations and the formative steps he made before releasing this model range, he has some great stories and insights. If you like the idea of an Asian inspired army, or enemies for your RPG games then check out Watchful I Studios, equally if you have a friend who loves that dynamic then make sure you pass it on. Joe is a passionate guy looking to do more and he needs support if he is going to do so, so check it out and pass it on. http://www.watchfulistudio.com

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