OverSaturated: The Podcast Episode 38 - Power Trippin'

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Sep 13, 20181h 15m
OverSaturated: The Podcast Episode 38 - Power Trippin'
Sep 13 '181h 15m
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Episode 38 – Power Trippin’ is Oversaturated’s Power Season 5 Recap! RIP Mac Miller and Ralph discussed a fatal experience. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. They also get into the Serena Williams controversy at the U.S. Open and John Legend and The E.G.O.T. Nevertheless, Power Season 5 is broken down and all the highs and lows are discussed. PLEASE ENJOY!!!! Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram: oversatthepodcast Twitter: @Oversatpodcast Email: Oversatpodcast@gmail.com Our Website: OverSatThePod.com Use Our Hashtag: #OverSatThePod Remember to Share, Comment, Rate, & Subscribe! Any 5-Star Reviews on Apple Podcasts Will Receive A Shout-Out

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