Episode 15 - $ign On The Dotted Line Feat. King Skrilla

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Oct 12, 20171h 13m
Episode 15 - $ign On The Dotted Line Feat. King Skrilla
Oct 12 '171h 13m
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OverSaturated: The Podcast presents Episode 15- $ign on the Dotted Line Feat. King Skrilla. In this week’s, OFF THE DOME Segment, Johnnie Asks what was the better show, TRL or 106th and Park. Ralph asks what Hip-Hop performer do you think could pull off a Super Bowl Halftime Performance. King Skilla is a recording artist from East Saint Louis, IL and he joined along in the conversation of What’s Your Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Record Label. Outro: Drag-On – Down Bottom King Skrilla's SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kingskrillamusic Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram: oversatthepodcast Twitter: @Oversatpodcast Our Website: OverSatThePod.com Use Our Hashtag: #OverSatThePod Remember to Share, Comment, Rate & Subscribe! Any 5-Star Ratings on Apple Podcast Will Receive A Shoutout

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