Episode 12 - Who's Got The POWER Now?

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Sep 7, 20171h 15m
Episode 12 - Who's Got The POWER Now?
Sep 7 '171h 15m
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Episode 12! The Boys are Back With Their Season Breakdown of The Show, POWER. Johnnie and Ralph have interesting Off The Dome questions this week. Also, They give predictions for URL’s Summer Madness 6. During the breakdown of POWER, a very important question is asked. Who had the most significant death of season 4? Julio or Raina? Listen to find out! Outro: Rocko – U.O.E.N.O Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram: oversatthepodcast Twitter: @Oversatpodcast Use Our Hashtag: #OverSatThePod Remember to Share, Comment, Rate & Subscribe! Any 5-Star Ratings on Apple Podcast Will Receive A Shoutout Any feedback or things you would like for us to discuss? Email Us At: Oversatpodcast@gmail.com

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