Ep. 07: Two lanes will take us anywhere. Etsy seller Krizia Villanueva (Oak and Olive Home) and Scott Leslie (Majestic Theatre).
Jan 29 '1646m
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Although we both went to Iowa State, Josh actually graduated 18 months before Stasia. So we definitely have a ton of experience with the long distance thing.

And as you’d expect there were times it was tough, but if we're being honest, it wasn't all bad.

While Josh was working and saving money in Minnesota, he loved getting to come and visit Stasia every couple of weeks. It was like going back to college without the homework.

Speaking of homework, funny enough Stasia had her best GPA ever after Josh was gone. So if anything, that time apart let us both focus on the things we needed to do in order to build our lives they way we wanted to with some fun memories in between.

That's something that our guests for Ep 7 of the OFD podcast, Krizia & Scott, can totally relate to. Their story spans a continent, a band, the boss, and well, we'll just let them tell you the rest.

In this episode

  • Bonding over "Thunder Road" and Boxed Wine in Buffalo.
  • Making the classic, LA to Buffalo move.
  • Why living in separate states was actually good for their relationship and the major projects they were working on.
  • Making the switch from Occupational Therapy to Maker on Etsy.
  • How starting a business is like starting a band.
  • What the arts can teach you about being ok with failure.

Our First Drink Couples Quiz

  • Early Bird or Night Owl?
  • Are you introverted or extroverted?
  • Tortoise or the Hare?
  • Would you send a meal back to the kitchen?
  • Would you rather host the party or attend the party?

About Krizia Villanueva and Scott Leslie

After starting her career as an Occupational Therapist, Krizia is the owner and maker behind Oak and Olive Home where she finds and restores vintage furniture. You can find her work in her new studio space in Madison, WI or on her Etsy Shop.

Originally hailing from Chicago, Scott Leslie spent time as a member of The Push Stars before transitioning to the role of concert promoter and co-owner of the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI and The Blue Note in Columbia, MO. He enjoys long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach, dogs, Bruce Springsteen, and Seinfeld.

You can find them both on Instagram @oak_olive_vintage & @majesticscott.

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Best, Josh and Stasia

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