Liverpool - bad losers, Jeremy Guscott, Haaland Magic

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Feb 19, 20202h 7m
Liverpool - bad losers, Jeremy Guscott, Haaland Magic
Feb 192h 7m
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Wedneday's #OTBAM podcast is here; Champions League reaction, Jeremy Guscott on England-Ireland, and we're talking Liverpool - bad losers? 00:10- OTB AM is live - Liverpool - bad losers? 23:00- The Sports Pages 39:00 - Top Five Stories 58:00 - Bellator Dublin - Will Fleury 1:07:00 - Sports News with Shane Hannon 1:17:00 - Six Nations with Jeremy Guscott. 1:28:00 - Champions League with Uli Hesse - Dortmund and Leipzig. 1:39:00 - Risteard's Rugger Thing 1:43:00 - Golf - Koepka vs. Reed with John Duggan 1:56:00 - Kinetica Sports Nurtrionist Sean Prunty 2:02:00 - Racing - Cheltenham build-up with Thom Malone. OTB AM is live every morning from 7.30am across Off The Ball – we are the sports breakfast show! If you can't watch, you can listen every morning to OTB AM, as a breakfast radio show over at OTB Sports Radio. Go download the GoLoudApp or click listen at Subscribe to the podcast, and rate us too! Watch live, weekday mornings, and subscribe below - OTB YouTube channel | OTB on Facebook | Twitter: @OffTheBall Listen live, every morning from 7.30am on OTB Sports Radio - OTB Sports Radio - | The GoLoud App - go download in your app store now! Check out the podcast, review and subscribe too, wherever you want it Podcasts on Off The Ball | Apple | Spotify | The GoLoud App - go download in your app store now  

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