Survival, Bushcraft, and Emergency Preparedness | JOSH TYLER

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Apr 30, 20191h 23m
Survival, Bushcraft, and Emergency Preparedness | JOSH TYLER
Apr 301h 23m
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Although the likelihood of us facing a life and death survival situation or natural disaster is lower than it has ever been, there is value in learning how to deal with these potentially devastating life events.

Today, I am joined by my friend, MMA fighter and survivalist Josh Tyler to talk about his latest experience in a 21-day survival challenge, the skill sets we’ll need to survive, some of the biggest threats to our safety and security, and how to survive emergencies, natural disasters, and dangerous encounters.


  • Deploying the right skill set
  • Common situations in the wild
  • Framework for survival
  • Priority of needs
  • Doing things the hard way
  • Fort versus shelter
  • Front-end preparation
  • Leveraging the mind for survival
  • Experience as a frame of reference
  • Redefining who we are
  • Ultimate Ninja Challenge recap
  • Becoming more efficient in life  
  • Battling a quitters mindset
  • Turning things over to a higher power
  • Dealing with sleep deprivation
  • The power of small wins
  • Outdoor survival school
  • Falling into the trap of comfort


Today, I am joined by my friend Josh Tyler who I consider to be one of the most capable men I know.

He’s an MMA fighter, a survivalist, and a man who knows a ton about how to keep himself alive in some of the most challenging and dangerous encounters we may face. He’s also been instrumental in the experiences we run with men and their boys and has personally helped me become more equipped to deal with some of life’s uncertainties.

He’s also some who looks for difficult situations and thrusts himself into those environments willingly to make himself more capable and proficient as a man.

Take notes today and enjoy my conversation with Josh Tyler


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