099: Building a Business on the Side | Josh Bauerle

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Feb 7, 201743m
099: Building a Business on the Side | Josh Bauerle
Feb 7 '1743m
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Entrepreneurship is such a hot topic right now. In fact, it's a buzz word that gets tossed around quite carelessly but it's something every man should, at least, consider. Not only does entrepreneurship provide opportunities for additional income, but there are tons of other benefits as well.

Today, Josh Bauerle - the CPA on fire - joins me to talk about what those benefits are, the common pitfalls and mistakes young entrepreneurs make, where anyone considering launching a business should start, and why every man should consider building a business on the side.

Josh Bauerle

Gentlemen, I am honored to be introducing you to my friend and guest today, Mr. Josh Bauerle, the CPA on Fire.

I'll be honest with you, I was a little hesitant to bring a CPA on the show because they're notorious for being a little dry to say the least.

But you're going to hear in a minute that Josh is anything but dry and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs start, grow, and maximize their business through some very simple yet effective strategies.

In fact, some of the strategies he shares in this interview allowed him to start his own busines in 2012 and team up with some podcasting powerhouses like John Lee Dumas with Entrepreneur on Fire. You're going to get a ton from this interview because we don't just talk theory and tax code, we talk about real tips, tactics, and tricks you can use to reap all the benefits of starting your own business.

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