A False Sense of Security

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Apr 20, 202039m
A False Sense of Security
Apr 2039m
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Every day, judges make life-changing decisions from the bench, and receive many threats as a result. These threats set in motion a pathway to violence paved by certain behavioral indicators that alert law enforcement and trained professionals to be on guard. Listen in as court security expert John Muffler talks to Chief Judge Don Myers about threat assessment, workplace safety, and the steps you can take to prepare for and prevent violence. Show Notes 1:12 - John Muffler’s background and work 2:30 - Are threats becoming more pervasive in our society? 4:30 - Copy cat violence and the 24-hour news cycle 5:28 - Mosaic Threat Assessment Systems 7:27 - Federal judicial threats 8:47 - Different threats to public figures, schools, domestic violence, and the judiciary 10:24 - Highly personal and impactful decisions made by judges 12:30 - Stressful courtroom dynamics and the behavioral pathway 13:05 - Most likely point of impromptu violence in courtroom 14:00 - Spectrums of threat communication 14:50 - The first first responder and violence intervention 15:22 - Dangerous attack points for judges and public officials 17:28 - Hunters, Howlers, and sharing information with law enforcement 20:10 - Situational awareness, intuition, and what fits and doesn’t fit 21:50 - Routine and a false sense of security 24:52 - Having armed deputies in courtroom as a danger deterrent 26:00 - The human factor, policies, and leadership responsibility 26:42 - Emergency training and failure 28:04 - Judicial security vulnerabilities and preparation 29:30 - Two-way information flow between the courts and the sheriff 30:33 - Analysis of the shooting of Judge Kocurek in Austin, Texas 37:45 - Judiciary live in the community they serve

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